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SEO directory by ALGO, information on the Google algorithm - webmaster resources.
Complete Repository for Fuzzy Logic Applications, including Application Notes, Simulation Software, and Teaching Materials.
Promotes the artificial life community by offering news, discussions, polls, software. Free registration.
Contains various java applications related to artificial life.
Develops search solutions and products related to intelligent agent technologies.
Developer of intelligent software robots that automate and simplify business-related Internet functions.
MLnet OiS offers software, datasets, information about events, research groups, persons and other interesting stuff related to machine learning, knowledge discovery, case-based reasoning, knowledge acquisition, and data mining.
A website on Boosting and related ensemble learning methods. Provided links to papers, upcoming events, datasets, and code.
Featured papers, researchers and projects, links to CBR people, research centres and projects, along with a comprehensive guide to software tools, a searchable online bibliography, virtual library, and a mailing list.
Bayesian network, simulation and risk analysis software. Supports exact and approximate inference in hybrid and dynamic networks for decision support, diagnosis, statistical learning and prediction applications.
Directory of the existing development tools, libraries and add-ins for Java/J2EE. Freeware, open source, as well as commercial products, organized in multiple categories.
Provides a "Ultra Light Client for Java," a Model-View-Controller architected lightweight client for server-based computing. Also provides overviews of company, services, and product support.
A higher performance replacement for malloc/new in C/C++ with multi-threaded/multi-processor support.
Information on how to implement a genetic programming system using genetic programming itself.
Portal providing access to research and news items with a focus on strategies and applications in the corporate world. Features a reading list, events and a newsletter.