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VESA (Video Electronics Standard Association)
The group responsible for developing video display standards.
VGA (Video Graphics Array)
VGA monitors support 262,144 different colors and a resolution of 640 x 480.
A program that replicates itself and spreads throughout your computer or network. A virus usually remains hidden in another program or object and depends on a person to activate it. The virus normally will contain a routine that will destroy files, modify data, open up unwanted access to a computer, hog all your memory, or do anything that is possible with a computer program. Viruses only damage software and cannot destroy hard drives, monitors, or anything else like that as commonly rumored.
VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language)
A language used to create 3-dimensional virtual worlds, (or objects), that can be used on the Internet. VRML can be written with notepad or any another text program. VRML files have the ".wrl", ".wrz", ".vrml", or ".wrb" extension. A VR world usually has a life-like environment that is designed to be as realistic as possible. A user can move about and interact within this VR environment.