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LAN (Local Area Network)
A small network, (connection of computers), covering a specific area. A bank would most likely be set up on a LAN.
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Liquid Crystal Display screens output graphical data to a video screen that uses a liquid crystal solution to display the information. LCD screens are normally very thin and have a flat viewing surface. Notebook computers have LCD screens.
LIFO (Last In, First Out)
LIFO usually refers to a method of storing information. Using the Stack method of storage, data is placed on top of a stack and removed from the top of the stack when needed. Using a stack of CD's as an example, when you're through listening to a CD you place it on top of the stack. When your ready to listen to a CD again you must first pick up the last CD you placed on the stack before listening to any other CD.
The process of entering a user name and/or password to gain access to a computer system.
LPT (Line Printer Terminal)
A name used to identify a printer port. Although computers usually have three LPT printer ports available, (LPT1, LPT2, and LPT3), most computers with only one printer will use the LPT1 port.