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Ready Boost To Improve Windows 7 Speed

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Beginning with the Vista operating system Microsoft began incorporating a special utility known as Ready Boost. This program allows a system running on Vista to use removable flash memory as additional memory space that is used as a super fast swap file.

In the same way that hard drive manufacturers are using flash memory in solid state hard drives, these super fast flash memory chips can be used to speed up computer response times by using the flash memory space as a highly effective data cache.

How Does Ready Boost Increase Performance?

By default, Vista uses the hard drive as cache space when it runs out of system RAM. Traditional hard drives are very fast but are limited by the amount of time it takes for the drive to physically find, read, and transmit the data to the computer’s CPU. When Ready Boost is active, the most often used bytes of data are stored as an encrypted file on the flash drive, allowing them to be recalled faster than if the data was being read from the hard drive.

What types of flash memory work with Ready Boost?

Not all types of flash memory are fast enough to provide the benefits that Ready Boost is intended to provide. Most typical thumb drives and digital photo storage cards have slower data transmission rates and thus negate any possible benefits from using them to cache information.

Still, There are a great number of devices from many different vendors that do work with the Ready Boost system. Devices that are Ready Boost capable should display the Ready Boost logo on the packaging or on the drive itself. If in doubt, a user can simply plug in a piece of flash memory and allow the system to perform an automatic check of the drive’s capabilities.

Ways to Use Registry Cleaner To Improve Computer Performance

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Registry cleaner is a kind of software utilized for Microsoft Windows operating system to get rid of unwanted items that are no longer useful to the system. Those unwanted items can be data which have not been completely uninstalled or records which are totally not of use to the system.

There are many advantages you can get from using a registry cleaner to make it a part of your computer system. Reg. cleaner can speed up your search of invalid entries in your computer as well as the broken links within the Microsoft registry. Furthermore, there are registry cleaners that provide backup and restore functions. In this case, after a registry cleaner has made some changes, the person who uses it can go back to the event where a certain problem has occurred. Most importantly, registry cleaners are very useful to people who always add and remove programs in their computer. It can improve the performance of the computer and can make their work fast.

With all of the numerous advantages that one can get from using a registry cleaner, it is vital to know the ways regarding how it can be used to improve computer performance.

As you all know, when the computer is fully loaded with unused information or data, it will accumulate. Later on, it can slow down the computer performance. The registry cleaner is a big help in removing those unneeded items. When those items are removed from the system, the computer will speed up its work.

The computer has a database that stores the data needed for the windows to operate, and that’s what we call as Windows registry. As you add or remove programs, some registry entries are made in the system. When these things piled up, it is already hard to search for the needed files. By using a registry cleaner, you can quickly find and access the unwanted files to be deleted or repaired. When the unused data have been removed, the computer can go back to its normal performance.

Windows registry is not only affected fully by your activity. The internet can also affect it. When you surf the internet, your computer is exposed to malware and spyware. These two makes the Microsoft registry as their place where they can hide to attack your computer. It is difficult for you to find related information about this because they are not saved on your computer even in the control panel. Yet, with the use of reg. cleaner, it is possible to detect these information saved in the Microsoft registry that slow down the performance of your computer.

It is important to clean the entries you made in the computer so to make its work better. You can remove entries in your computer manually. However, this is tedious and will require much of your time. Instead, you can use a reg. cleaner.

Registry cleaners can make your work easy for you. It can remove unneeded files in just a short period of time. Reg. cleaners are of great importance in enhancing the performance of the computer. With the several uses of reg. cleaner, it is just right to use it as part of your computer system especially if you are the type of person who keeps on adding new programs in your computer. By using the registry cleaner regularly, you are protecting your computer from its low performance.