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Computer Repair and How to Get it Fixed!

Friday, October 4th, 2013

As most people know, there’s almost nothing in life as frustrating as a broken computer. Read this article to find out how to get your computer running smoothly again.
What Problems Can Be Easily Repaired?

Some common computer problems that can be easily repaired by a qualified technician include:

Slow Computer Speed: This problem is usually caused by lack of regular maintenance or a spyware infection.
Frequent Computer Freezes: The technician will have to perform diagnostic test to determine the cause of this problem, though it can be caused by a virus or spyware infection.
Continuous Reboots: Hardware issues, faulty power supply, or a defective cooling fan can cause this problem.
Unusual Noises or Vibrations: A hardware or electronics issue is usually to blame for this problem.
Automatically Changing Brower Homepage: This problem is referred to as “high-jacking,” and is usually caused by a spyware infection.

If you perform regular maintenance on your computer, you will be able to avoid all of these problems.

Can I Repair My Own Computer?

In most instances, computer repair should not be considered a do-it-yourself project.

Professional help is recommended because the technicians have the experience necessary to solve almost all computer problems, including:

Accumulation of Clutter
Malware Infection
Hardware Defects

By trying to repair the computer yourself, you could accidentally cause more damage to the machine. In some instances, you could lose access to your hard drive data and all of your irreplaceable files.

How Much Does A Computer Repair Cost?

Computer repair costs can vary from business to business. Some of the factors that determine how much a particular repair will cost include:

Price Structure
Walk-in or On-site Repair
Faulty Hardware
Skill Level

Computer repair businesses in the city usually charge more than businesses in the suburbs, and if the technician has to drive to your home, you will pay more for the repair.

Specialized repairs will cost more than general maintenance and repairs. Always check to see if the business you’re dealing with charges by the hour or by the job.

How Do I Practice Regular Computer Maintenance?

After you have owned your computer for two years, regular maintenance becomes necessary. The computer will lose some of its original speed and performance.

If you are an individual or small business owner who heavily relies on your computer, steps you can take to help maintain your computer’s performance include:

Perform regular, automated back-ups of your files.
Maintain an archive of essential files.
Regularly test your recovery files.
Install automated firewall and virus.
Set-up an alternate internet connection.
Establish alternate e-mail addresses.
Keep good records of all installed applications.

Performing regular maintenance will prolong the life of your computer. You will gain a better understanding of how your computer works, and will be able to recognize many problems before they get out of hand.

Why Repair if You Can Replace?

With today’s inexpensive computer prices, you might ask yourself, “Why should I repair my old computer when I can simply buy a new one?”

Well, before you chuck your old computer into the garbage, you should know that today’s computers are often priced low to make up for:

Poor build
Flimsy parts
Shabby hardware

Simply stated, computers built five years ago are much sturdier and durable than the computers in the market today.

So, why pay more money to buy a new computer that is likely to break within the next two years when you can spend a fraction of the cost to have your old, reliable computer repaired?

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Back Up and Restore Data With Windows 7 Guide for New Users

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Backing Up

First you need to launch Windows’ Backup and Restore utility. You will find it in the Control Panel by selecting first System and Security and then Backup and Restore. If you have never used this tool before, you’ll see a message under ‘Backup’ that says ‘Windows Backup has not been set up’. Click the link labeled Set up backup to the right of that message.
After the program starts, it will prompt you to choose a location for it to store your backup files in. Windows won’t let you choose your main hard drive as a backup drive; so if you haven’t already plugged in your external hard drive, do it now and click Refresh.
After you’ve chosen the drive that you want to use for your backup, the program will ask you to identify what you want to back up. The default selection is to let Windows choose for you, and create a disk image at the same time. You can be much more selective, however, by clicking the radio button next to Let me choose.
Once you’ve chosen what you want to back up, and where you want Windows to store it, the program will display a backup summary screen that confirms the options you selected. Before you run your backup, though, you’ll probably want to take a look at the default schedule that Windows has set up for you, to confirm that your computer is going to be on at that time of day. If you want to adjust it, click Change schedule and then set it to something more suitable to your schedule.
Finally, click Save settings and run backup. The first backup will be a somewhat lengthy process, but future backups will be quicker, as they will back up only files that have been added or changed since your previous backup.
Restoring From Backup

Restoring files from your backup is fairly simple. First, launch the Backup and Restore utility, (as described above); then decide whether to restore all of your files, or just specific files that may have been deleted or become corrupt.

To restore all of your backed-up data, click Restore my files, followed by Browse for folders. Next, on the left side, look for the folder bearing the name of your backup. Click that folder, and then click Add folder. Once you’ve added the folder to your restore list, click Next and choose whether you want the files restored to the original location or to a new location. Finally, click Restore to bring back all of your data.
To restore specific files, first click Restore my files, and then click Browse for files. Navigate to your backup folder, and choose the individual files that you want. Again, the program will ask you whether you want to restore the files to their original location or to a new location. Once you decide where you want them, click Restore to recover the data you selected.

Unsure about the name of the file you want? Click Restore my files, and then use the Search button to examine your backup for the keywords that you type into the search field. In the search results, locate the files you need, add them to the restore list, and restore them as described above