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Tips for Buying a New Computer

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Buying a new pc is something that may be very easy or grossly complicated depending on how you would like to go about it. When you buy your first pc, your greatest bet might be to go for 1 that’s “boxed and ready”, and simply needs to be taken out of the box and plugged in, or set up with minimal fuss prior to you are able to use it correctly.

In the event you have been utilizing computers for some time, however, you are much more likely to know what you like and dislike in a PC, and might be able to make a more educated decision. You can choose a certain quantity of data storage, a specific sound or graphics card, a monitor that is larger or smaller, flat screen or otherwise, also as numerous other specifications.

The latter way may be much more complicated, however it might also save you some money in the event you do it in an intelligent way. When you know precisely what you want – and some time working with computers tends to teach you this – you will be much better able to make the options that save you cash and give you a computer that works exactly the way you would like it to.

A lot also depends on how you’re planning to make use of the pc. In the event you will merely be using it to go on-line and use a word processing program, then there’s often little need to mess with what’s already available, but if you have specific uses in mind for the machine, you are able to modify to your heart’s content to ensure you get the very best machine.

Ready Boost To Improve Windows 7 Speed

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Beginning with the Vista operating system Microsoft began incorporating a special utility known as Ready Boost. This program allows a system running on Vista to use removable flash memory as additional memory space that is used as a super fast swap file.

In the same way that hard drive manufacturers are using flash memory in solid state hard drives, these super fast flash memory chips can be used to speed up computer response times by using the flash memory space as a highly effective data cache.

How Does Ready Boost Increase Performance?

By default, Vista uses the hard drive as cache space when it runs out of system RAM. Traditional hard drives are very fast but are limited by the amount of time it takes for the drive to physically find, read, and transmit the data to the computer’s CPU. When Ready Boost is active, the most often used bytes of data are stored as an encrypted file on the flash drive, allowing them to be recalled faster than if the data was being read from the hard drive.

What types of flash memory work with Ready Boost?

Not all types of flash memory are fast enough to provide the benefits that Ready Boost is intended to provide. Most typical thumb drives and digital photo storage cards have slower data transmission rates and thus negate any possible benefits from using them to cache information.

Still, There are a great number of devices from many different vendors that do work with the Ready Boost system. Devices that are Ready Boost capable should display the Ready Boost logo on the packaging or on the drive itself. If in doubt, a user can simply plug in a piece of flash memory and allow the system to perform an automatic check of the drive’s capabilities.