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How to Enjoy Safer Computing

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Computer security plays a very crucial role to enjoy safer computing. There are hackers who break into your computer through the Internet and steal your important information. There are also online criminals who create malicious software to harm your computer. By any means you need to protect your computer and important personal information. And this could be possible only with a strong computer security.

To protect your computer against potential security threats, you need to take several measures. For better PC security firewall, virus, spyware and other malware protection are highly important. In addition, you should also update your Windows operating system as well. In this article you will find detailed information about all of them. To enjoy secure computing you can talk to a computer tech support service provider for virus troubleshooting.

Let’s start our discussion with firewall. This is a software or hardware which checks information that comes from the Internet or a network. It is the firewall which decides whether to turns the information away or allows it to pass through to the computer and it entirely depends on the settings of the firewall. So, firewall comes to a great help to prevent hackers from gaining access to your PC. If you are using Windows operating system, there is built-in firewall and it is turned on automatically.

Hackers also use viruses, worms, and Trojan horses to infect vulnerable computers. Viruses are small programs which worms can replicate them from one computer to another and result various problems. On the other hand, Trojan horses come in the disguise of email attachment. All these malicious objects can not only erase information from your hard disk but they also have potential to completely disable your computer. To protect your computer against them you should install a powerful anti-virus program which will scan email and other files on your computer and save your PC from viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.

Another malicious object is spyware. This small software can display advertisements and collect information about you without your consent. There are many powerful spyware which can install unwanted toolbars, links in your web browser or can display pop-up ads frequently. There are also some spyware which collect information about the websites you visit or the passwords you type. An antispyware program is a must to protect your computer from spyware. There is a built-in antispyware program namely Windows Defender in Windows operating system which is turned on by default. When spyware attempts to install itself on your PC, Windows Defender gives an alert.

For safe computing, Microsoft operating system offers important updates in regular interval. This is to protect your computer against new viruses and other security threats. You should install all these updates and patches so that your computer can block all the malicious objects.

About Antivirus Software and Its Importance

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

As you can observe in your laptops or personal computers, there are numerous malwares being exposed in the internet. These are mostly seen on free downloads of a certain software. This particular software maybe an mp3 download or simply a game that you have never played. That is why you would just be surprised that for the following day, you have lost all your important files on your laptop. The worst thing that may happen is your laptop will go through a complete shutdown. This is certainly a bad thing to happen since significant data in your computer is stored there.

You might ponder to yourself if this is actually true or not. To tell you honestly, these situations are rampant nowadays. This actually happens almost every minute of the day. That is why it is really advised that all regular computer users should install antivirus software in order for them to be out of harm’s way. This can also lend a hand to have a safe environment while surfing online for some research and assignments. You can also feel secure when opening an email from a friend or relative. All this and more can be enjoyed when you have an antivirus installed in your computer.

By choosing the best antivirus software, it will act like a security guard for your computer. Like a bunch of canine dogs at the airport, the software will make sure that each package of information gaining access to your computer is safe. If the canine dog smells something not appropriate, it will inform you about it. Your downloaded antivirus software will segregate the suspected program, placing it in quarantine while it scans some other files. So you could always trust that this kind of software will hinder any entry of obvious and identified threats.