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Archive for August, 2009

Relationship Of Electronic Commerce and International Trade

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Electronic commerce develop and bring many benefits to both global sourcing and import and export. It allows domestic and international trade over the Internet. The boost to global sourcing through E-commerce is because of it’s to conduct online marketing, monitoring supply chain and monetary & data transaction in a dependable manner. E-commerce makes global sourcing easier to monitor with its evolutionary phases.

International trade depends much on E-commerce. International trade community was skeptic about e-commerce let alone conducting import/export and global sourcing. It is harsh to blame them for not conducting their regular global sourcing and international trade activities as there were gaping security concerns as there was lack of awareness. E-commerce isn’t all about money transfer and/or credit card processing over internet as was assumed.

E-commerce permits online shopping, e-filing of customs documents enquiry floating and invoicing before a single dollar is transmitted. All these are exact same activities involved in offline import/export in a global sourcing scene with huge amounts of time and labor removed.

In an international trade, either for import/export or global sourcing, never mail our account or credit card numbers to anyone or don’t scribble it on papers for any reason. E-commerce companies in international trade are constantly innovating and have succeeding in their endeavor. Amazon and BizRate are doing not just global sourcing but import and export also through e-commerce backed up by ground operations. If stock/commodities trading and banking around the globe is a success, it’s mainly due to the robust e-commerce. Import and export as well as international trade laws are suitably amended to ensure secure commerce.

E-commerce has arrived on the global sourcing scene as both import and export and international trade partners are accepting it. Despite its growing stature and popularity E-commerce is still thriving in retail sector domestically and the international trade needs to cover a long distance before it catches up. Another reason for import/export operators’ leaning towards E-commerce is the growing costs of delays in processing POs and invoices through traditional methods which render global sourcing useless.

These above benefits are the reason why businesses use E-commerce more and more to improve their business, especially to international trade. You can also increase and diversify your income through international trade with E-commerce.

Watching Movies On the Internet

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Do you want to watch full movies on the internet? Now it is possible. You can watch everything you love – the right actors, the wit, the action, even the latest movies too but it comes with a few dangerous possibilities.

This is not the sort of thing that goes unnoticed by industries that cater to public reception. And now it has been announced that we may not be far away from simply walking over to our computer and downloading the newest releases.

During a meeting at the Cannes Film Festival, Culture Ministers from across Europe, film industry representatives and Internet Service Providers were among those who met to discuss the possible policies needed to distribute movies online.

BBC news reports European Union media commissioner Viviane Reding as stating: “In Europe, as in other continents, the opportunities for people to enjoy films online are set to increase tremendously over the next few years”.

Naturally there are still many issues to be resolved before movies are readily available to the public online. Piracy and broadband capabilities are still being questioned.Paris Hilton

Piracy became the prominent issue when music files were being illegally shared over the internet. While the music industry fought against such services as Napster, they are still far from recovering their market revenue and the film industry is not anxious to join them.

What can’t be debated is that there IS a market, and no industry likes to bypass that because of possible problems.

Right now European broadband may not be up to the task of downloading such large files but has plans to proceed with distribution soon.

In America there has already been movie distribution with the inevitable legal proceedings against individuals facilitating unauthorized downloads.

Although the fight against piracy is being taken very seriously by the industry, it is still parents who are at the forefront of setting the example and instructing children on the ethics of downloading such material. Responsibility is learned.

With Internet, you can watch all newest movies that you love everytime and anywhere. There are lots of sites that let you watch full movies on the internet. You just need stay in, avoid the lines and the traffic and check it out online.