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Machine Learning

Featured papers, researchers and projects, links to CBR people, research centres and projects, along with a comprehensive guide to software tools, a searchable online bibliography, virtual library, and a mailing list.
Main association for belief network researchers. Runs the annual Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI) conferences, and the UAI mailing list.
Software, publications, teaching material, and news on belief revision - from the Business and Technology Research Laboratory at the University of Newcastle, Australia.
A website on Boosting and related ensemble learning methods. Provided links to papers, upcoming events, datasets, and code.
A research field devoted to studying the design and analysis of algorithms for making predictions about the future based on past experiences.
Java-based Artificial Intelligence technology.
Site dedicated to research of artificial intelligence algorithms applied to information retrieval, data mining and optimization methods.
A central information source for the area of Support Vector Machines, Gaussian Process prediction, Mathematical Programming with Kernels, Regularization Networks, Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces, and related methods.
MLnet OiS offers software, datasets, information about events, research groups, persons and other interesting stuff related to machine learning, knowledge discovery, case-based reasoning, knowledge acquisition, and data mining.